Through our long history since 1978. we have achieved remarkable experience.


The entire production is 80+ % export oriented to satisfied customers in the EU.


With our human resources and production capacity we are ready to respond to all your requests.


About us

SOKO – IPV is heat exchanger factory founded on 1978. and since then we are manufacturing lamellar Cu – Al heat exchangers for devices used in heating, air conditioning and cooling techniques. We are situated in Čitluk, a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The factory is located on 17000 m² of fenced lot on which are production hall and offices on an area of 6200 m². The company is in private ownership, private entrepreneurs from our region have 80% of the shares and the rest is owned by our employees.


SOKO – IPV has 22 employees and 16 of them are employed in the production. SOKO – IPV is export oriented company, today we export over 90% of our production to the EU market. We produce heat exchangers with 10, 12 and 16mm cooper tubes using six different fin geometries.


Our heat exchangers are manufactured in standard versions, but also according to the requests or drawings provided by customer. We use only materials made by EU manufacturers for heat exchangers production. Our advantage is fast response and short delivery terms.


Contact us

Bare 1 | 88260 ČITLUK, BiH

Tel: +387 36 642 489 | Fax: +387 36 642 369

E-mail: sokoipv@tel.net.ba | info@sokoipv.com


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